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I'll be honest: Reiki can be explained and described but all of that language pales in comparison to how it is felt.


However, if you're new to Reiki and have never experienced the benefits for yourself, I can understand that you may still need "more." This is why I created this page for you, in the hope of doing a better job of richly describing this wonderful healing modality. So, I invite you to sit back, get comfy, and listen and/or watch away.  

A Sample Reiki Session

Ever wonder what a Reiki session actually looks like? Click on the Play button below to watch a brief sample of what a typical session may resemble. Please note that this is an extremely condensed version. And, yes, relaxing music is included. :)

Podcast with The Afterlight

Lauren Grace of The Afterlight podcast interviewed me! I invite you to listen in as I chat with her about Reiki energy, working with the Divine, and aura photography. Click here to listen: Reiki energy, working with the divine and aura photography, with Lyndy Guevara 

The logo for The Afterlight Podcast is a turquoise-colored heart with wings

YouTube Video with The Afterlight

A video of our chat is available on YouTube if you prefer to tune in that way. Click here to watch: Reiki energy, working with the divine and aura photography, with Lyndy Guevara 

Lauren Grace from The Afterlight Podcast and Lyndy laughing during the interview

Podcast with Warrior Training 

Parker Hickey invited me to come chat on their podcast, Warrior Training! I invite you to listen in as we discuss energy work, intuition, healing trauma, and mental health. Click here to listen: What is Reiki? with Lyndy Guevara

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