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reiki fort wayne alternative healing hands

"I love Reiki. It helps my mind quiet down and makes me feel very, very calm." - D.W.

"My Reiki session with Lyndy was wonderful! She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Her ability to care for others and help them through the process of healing was evident throughout the entire session." - E.N.

"Lyndy is an amazing Reiki practitioner. Lyndy's energy is very welcoming and comfortable. She explains what the session is going to look like and feel like, giving good preparation for your experience. The most noticeable effect following each session is the mental clarity that I experience. I also feel calm and grounded. I always drift into slumber during the session. My sessions with Lyndy have become part of my self-care regime." - S.C. 

"Reiki allowed me to become in tune and balanced within my mind and body. It's like having a therapy session you don't have to speak in. Reiki opened me up and made me pay more attention to my mind and body. It gave me a sense of understanding as to why I think the way I do and why I react the way I do to life in general. Reiki is something that I would highly recommend to anybody. Lyndy is definitely the right person to go to if you're feeling lost or want a better sense of understanding about yourself." - A.H. 

"I have Parkinson's and the symptoms of this illness are sometimes intolerable. Receiving Reiki from Lyndy has been a life-changing experience. She cares about me and my well-being. She tailors the Reiki sessions to me and my needs. Reiki has done wonders for me! I always feel better after the sessions; my tremors go away, I walk better, my speech is better, my headaches are gone, I don't feel so heavy anymore. I'm so thankful I found Reiki through Lyndy."  - E.S. 

"Admittedly, I was unsure how Reiki would benefit me personally. I have a deteriorating disease that affects my entire central nervous system. Through all of my trials and struggles I have not been able to cure or even better any of my symptoms by traditional Western medicine. With only one session with Lyndy, I experienced more positive results than the last 19 years with pharmaceuticals. Not only was a noticeable amount of pain relieved from my physical body, but to my surprise the heavy load that I carry internally was lightened immensely.  I am so grateful that I found Lyndy and highly recommend her services. She has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities instead of obstacles." - A.K.

"Lyndy is a wonderful energy worker. Every time I've gone to see her she was present with me and in what I was experiencing in such a sweet way that helped me to feel so relaxed and cared for. I feel like for me, such an important part of the healing process is to feel like the practitioner truly cares about me and my well-being and isn't just going through the motions. I really feel like Lyndy was able to provide me with some much-needed support. She is in tune and was able to help me feel connected to an energy of healing and love." - Z.L. 

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