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Helpful Tips on Setting Intentions

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

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I’ve previously discussed the importance of setting intentions before your Reiki session here, but maybe you’re looking for some sample intentions to get you started creating your own. Or perhaps you need more guidance and clarity on what your intentions are.

Before we dive in, it's important to remember that Reiki energy is a divine conscious energy, and it knows exactly what needs healing. Yet, this energy also respects free will. So, if you are not ready to heal or let go of something specific, it will not overstep your boundaries, and it will honor your request not to heal that specific aspect of your life. You will not be pushed more than you're willing to go.

Setting Intentions is Not Setting Goals

While similar, setting goals and setting intentions are not quite the same in principle. Goals, while useful and important, describe what you want to do in the future and usually involve some actionable commitments to achieve desired results. Intentions, however, aim to align personal values leading to desired results and serve as a guide to keeping you focused on your path.

The Importance of Setting Intentions

Intention-setting is important to your Reiki practice because it is a way of giving the divine energy our consent to move forward and heal whatever we are ready to heal. Setting intentions gives you a sense of accountability and control over your well-being which many clients find empowering and encouraging.

Using language grounded in the present, intentions serve as a way to align oneself with the present and have a clear vision of the future, like an anchor and a lighthouse. When we set our intentions, we send signals to the universe about what we want and need, so it’s important that your intentions align with your values and your beliefs. Perhaps the most important thing to remember when creating your intentions is to determine if it will have a positive influence in your life that inspires hope for a better future.

Pre-Reiki Intention Examples

Below are a few examples of intentions that you may set prior to your Reiki session:

I intend that I am being healed in ways that are correct and appropriate for my highest good.

I intend that I am releasing all that is holding me back from stepping into my personal power.

I intend that I am experiencing divine and miraculous healing in my [joints / hands/legs/heart/teeth/etc.].

I intend that I am now feeling light-hearted and optimistic.

I intend that I am experiencing peace of mind and that I am now seeing solutions and opportunities where before I saw problems and setbacks.

I intend that I am now releasing emotional and energetic blocks that have prevented me from truly healing and moving forward.

I intend that I am forgiving myself for [….].

I intend that I am now seeing myself in a new and loving light and am now honoring my views, my opinions, and my desires.

I intend that I feel safe to speak up and speak my truth to myself and others.

I am safe, and I intend that I am now healing all parts of myself that feel otherwise.

I intend that I am now opening myself up to divine guidance and inspiration to help me move forward in a way that is aligned with my highest good.

I intend that my broken heart is being healed, and I am allowing myself to be filled with unconditional divine love.

I intend that I am cutting all energetic cords and releasing all limiting beliefs that are preventing me from experiencing [joy/happiness/financial abundance/love/good health/ etc.].

The Power of Setting Intentions Before Reiki Sessions

As you can see from the examples above, your intentions do not have to be limited and can be customized in any way that you desire. Intentions can be both large or small, lifelong goals or within the next day or even hour.

However, just be sure to set your intentions in the present.

Setting your intentions can help you achieve a greater sense of self-awareness by allowing yourself the opportunity to improve the quality of your daily life. As we keep our intentions in our minds, it can help us evaluate our thoughts and actions and weigh them against our intentions to determine if they serve our highest self. This can be incredibly motivating!

My intention for you is that you are mastering the art of intention-setting and you are realizing how powerful you truly are!

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