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5 Ways to Prepare for Your Reiki Session

Updated: May 27, 2023

If you’re new to Reiki or looking to optimize your next visit, I’ve outlined five ways to prepare yourself for your Reiki appointment. It’s normal to feel nervous about trying something new, but the goal here is to ease any nerves and help you maximize the positive benefits of your session. The more comfortable and confident you are, the more empowered you are to take control of your healing journey.

How Can a Reiki Session Help me?

There is a ton of valuable information here about how Reiki helps transform and heal individuals. Most clients report experiencing deep rest and relaxation during and after their visit. Reiki is a profound holistic healing method to improve mental, emotional, and physical health.

The beauty of Reiki is that it’s a collaborative energy healing. This means that the energy will work with you to help you heal or release anything that you’re ready to heal or release. Likewise, you will not be forced to acknowledge specific triggers or traumas if you’re unprepared or unwilling. Because we all have free will, the Reiki energy will respect our boundaries for healing. The energy will only go so far in healing as you permit it. Energy healing is a self-directed practice with the aid of a certified Reiki Master that allows a quiet and safe space to approach healing at our own pace.

Take Charge of Your Own Healing

Knowing how to prepare yourself for your Reiki session before your appointment is an empowering exercise in taking control of your healing. I’ve outlined five impactful ways to prepare yourself for your Reiki session.

1. Set Your Intentions.

Intention setting is clearly stating what you want to experience and achieve through your actions. Think about your intention for the Reiki session and become very clear on what your intentions are. What specific things would you like healed? What are some of the negative thoughts and energies you’d like to release? How do you want to feel?

A day or two before your session, it’s encouraged you reflect on your intentions and identify them to maximize the healing benefits of your Reiki session. Take a few moments to deeply focus on this by allowing your thoughts to become reflective and introspective. Many people find that writing this down helps them organize their thoughts. Once you’re clear on your intention, use these thoughts at your session to help focus your practice.

If setting intentions is a new concept for you, here is a resource I created to help you start thinking about setting and creating intentions.

2. Skip that extra coffee.

On the day of your session, try to limit your caffeine intake. One cup of coffee is okay, but if you’re drinking too much caffeine, you may become jittery, anxious, or hyper, which can be counterintuitive for the deep state of relaxation Reiki aims to achieve.

3. Wear comfortable clothing.

You’re going to be lying down fully clothed on a Reiki table. Wear something that you feel both physically and emotionally comfortable in. You don’t want to be wearing anything that is too itchy, tight, snagging, or makes you feel self-conscious. Please note that you will not be wearing shoes during your session, so I encourage choosing comfortable, clean socks that will help you feel cozy. I also encourage you to limit external distractions by turning your phone on silent or leaving it with your personal belongings. This is your moment to relax; the outside world can wait.

4. Crystal Healing.

Many people enjoy working with healing crystals. If you already work with crystals and have a favorite, you can bring one you resonate with to your session. If you do not, I have a variety of crystals, and I will intuitively select one or more for you before your session.

5. Stay Open to Healing.

Having an open mind and heart to a different healing approach is imperative for a great session. This is your time for self-care. Your session is the time you are dedicating to yourself and your well-being. Trust that you are in a safe space and your session is led by a knowledgeable and caring practitioner with 16 years of Reiki experience. Relax into the energy and enjoy the experience.

Bonus 6! Don’t forget to check out my Self-Care Tips for Post Reiki! These post-care tips will help you maximize and extend the healing as you return to your daily life.

If you are interested in booking a Reiki session with me, click here or contact me to schedule your appointment.



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